Kathaline Page-Guth | About, and discover the mind and workmanship behind Kathaline Page-Guth jewelry.
Discover the mind and workmanship behind Kathaline Page-Guth jewelry.
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Born to Hungarian and American parents, in 1961, I spent my early years living in Geneva.
With a compulsive desire to design and create, I decided to study Art. Spurred on by my father, this was followed by a degree in Business Administration but, as soon as I started, I realised it wasn’t what I wanted to do with my life.
Art and design was my only raison d’être.


After graduation, I started working as an Art Director at an advertising agency in Milan, where I stayed for a good five years. But even the pressures of my job couldn’t stop me from designing my own creations.
I then went freelance, channelling my passion for design, aesthetics, luxury objects, cultural crossovers and pattern making into everything, from furniture and home objects, to fabrics and clothes.

Fine Jewellery & the City of Art

Moving to Florence – a city with inspirations and cultural contaminations around every corner – was a real turning point in my career. In fact, it was in the Florentine ateliers that I began to explore and learn the prestigious art of fine jewelry making thanks to my mentor, Simone Rucellai.
Convinced this was the ideal way to vent my obsession with sacred geometry, symbols, history and intercultural aesthetics, I decided to enroll on a number of courses at the Gemological Institute of America.


For Kathaline Page-Guth a piece of fine jewelry is more than an ornamental accessory. It’s a rare and valuable work of art; a symbolic and emotional investment piece to be worn and treasured for generations to come.
This is why all of our jewellery is handcrafted with the utmost care and precision by highly skilled artisans, trained in the century-old goldsmith tradition for which Florence is so renowned.
Each piece is made from only the finest quality materials and all of our diamonds, precious and semi-precious stones are ethically sourced and certified through the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme (KPCS).
To find out more about conflict-free diamonds click here: diamondfacts.org

Kathaline Page-Guth, GIA Accredited Jewelry Professional

Kathaline Page-Guth, GIA Colored Stones Graduate

Kathaline Page-Guth GIA Pearls Graduate

The Collection

This exclusive range of limited edition jewelry is inspired by the raw and multi-faceted vitality of the female experience, our desires, sexuality and emotions, embodied in luxurious yet understated designs that express the dynamic and independent spirit of the modern-day woman.
Meticulously crafted heirlooms that aren’t necessarily worn just on special occasions or chosen for us by someone else, but sophisticated pieces that radiate the true essence and complexity of who we are.
Fine jewelry designed by a woman for women.